Diabetes Undone

Coming to Arkadelphia, AR - soon March 30, at 5:30pm

Sessions will be held at: Clark County Fairgrounds - Youth Building

You can click here to get GPS directions.


* On-site registration starts 5:30 for first session. Otherwise, all sessions start at 6:00.
  • Thursday, March 30
  • Sunday, April 2
  • Thursday, April 6
  • Thursday, April 13
  • Thursday, April 20
  • Sunday, April 23

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Attendee Pricing

$35 + $15 for each additional supporting family member or friend.

*Payment NOT required for registration. Payment will occur at first session.


- Testimonials -

“6 months after starting the program, I was declared non-diabetic. I reversed it! It’s been one and a half years and I’m still not diabetic or prediabetic.”

Tom Zapara

Diabetes Undone User

“I reduced my A1C from 9.5% to 5.8%. I reversed my diabetes and no longer have a need for insulin and several other meds!”


Group Workshop Participant

“I’m a truck driver and I would have lost my job if I had to continue taking insulin, and if my blood sugars remained where they were. But with Diabetes Undone, I reduced my A1C from 12.6% to 6.5% and kept my job with no more need for insulin!”


Diabetes Undone User

“I reduced my A1C from 13.8% to 5.8% in three months! By the time my A1C reached 5.8%, I had lost 20 pounds but by now I’ve lost over 56 pounds!”


Group Workshop Participant

“I was diagnosed with diabetes 12 years ago and the highlight of this program was how it enveloped my lifestyle and changed my habits.”

Carol Ezeh

Group Workshop Participant

Diabetes undone was really incredible because one of the things that I found really fascinating was that it wasn’t only about food and nutrition, but it was also about an active lifestyle and the whole person. Whole person care is so important, so I really appreciate how the program focused on nutrition, exercise, but also the mental and emotional aspects of how to conquer diabetes and have an active and healthy lifestyle.

Kevin Attride

Group Workshop Health Partner

- Trusted & Effective -